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Your Child's Feelings: Arabic

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Your Child's Feelings: Arabic PDF

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Your Child's Feelings: Arabic Single

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Your Child's Feelings: Arabic Pack (30)

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Your Child's Feelings: Arabic Jumbo Pack (75)

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Laughing one minute, crying the next: kids have emotions -- frequently, strong ones. 

For parents looking for advice on helping their children to deal with their feelings and express their emotions safely and appropriately, this pamphlet is the answer. Includes info and tips for:

  • Letting children know they are valued for who they are
  • Expressing feelings
  • Techniques for encouraging self-esteem in children
  • Adjusting to change

One of 14 pamphlets in the Child Development Series. Great advice and ideas for parents with young children!

Please note that PDF copies are not able to be printed. They are designed for online viewing only.