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Relationship Enrichment Package

CA$4.00 CA$8.00


Relationship Enrichment Package: Single

CA$4.00 CA$8.00

Relationship Enrichment Package: Pack (30)

CA$100.00 CA$200.00

Relationship Enrichment Package: Jumbo Pack (75)

CA$275.00 CA$550.00

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For couples who want to grow closer and build strong, healthy relationships.

Learn tips and strategies for improving communication, managing disagreements, building intimacy and balancing work and family. Each package includes eight titles:

  • Understanding the Role of Family Origins in your Relationship (brochure)
  • Planning Together in your Relationship (brochure)
  • Creating a Healthy Sexual Relationship (brochure)
  • Improving Communication in your Relationship (brochure)
  • Resolving Conflict in your Relationship (brochure)
  • Building Intimacy in your Relationship (brochure)
  • Enriching Your Relationship (booklet)
  • Time out for New Parents (brochure)