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Parenting Toddlers

CA$5.25 CA$7.00


Parenting Toddlers: Single

CA$5.25 CA$7.00

Parenting Toddlers: Pack (30)

CA$147.75 CA$197.00

Parenting Toddlers: Jumbo Pack (75)

CA$315.00 CA$420.00

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The toddler years are packed with discovery, growth and fun, but they can also leave a parent feeling frustrated.

Get tips on the benefits of play, establishing routines, teaching self-discipline, helping your child adjust to having a sibling and more. Each set includes 11 titles: 

  • Play and Your Toddler: Six Months to Three Years (brochure)
  • Toilet Training (brochure)
  • Your Child’s Feelings (brochure)
  • Bringing home the Second Baby (brochure)
  • Sibling Rivalry (brochure)
  • Anger and Aggression Teaching Self Control (brochure)
  • Teaching Self Discipline (brochure)
  • Dads and Toddlers (brochure)
  • Routines and Rituals (pamphlet)
  • The Parenting Plan (pamphlet)
  • What’s the Magic Word? (pamphlet)