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Parenting through the Middle Years

CA$1.12 CA$2.25


Parenting through the Middle Years: Single

CA$1.12 CA$2.25

Parenting through the Middle Years: Pack (30)

CA$31.50 CA$63.00

Parenting through the Middle Years: Jumbo Pack (75)

CA$67.50 CA$135.00

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Be the best parent you can be.

Get tips and ideas on creating routines, getting involved in your child’s school, helping your children cultivate friendships and more. Each package includes eight titles: 

  • Get Involved in Your Kid’s School (pamphlet)
  • Routines and Rituals (pamphlet)
  • Parent Education Improves Child Raising (pamphlet)
  • What’s the Magic Word? (pamphlet)
  • The Parenting Plan (pamphlet)
  • What are Friends For? (pamphlet)
  • But Why Can’t I get them to take out the garbage? (pamphlet)
  • Letting Go (pamphlet)