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Parenting Teens Series

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Parenting Teens Series PDF

CA$1.88 CA$3.75

Parenting Teens Series: Single

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Parenting Teens Series: Pack (30)

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Parenting Teens Series: Jumbo Pack (75)

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No parent of a teen should be without these handy guides to navigating the storm-tossed waters of adolescence. 

The Parenting Teens Pamphlet Series provides perspective on teens' needs and personal growth so that parents can feel confident in dealing with a range of issues with their teens. Set includes one of each of the five titles:

  • Your New Role
  • Communication
  • The Homefront
  • Discipline that Teaches
  • Keeping them Safe

*set of 5 titles*


Please note that PDF copies are not able to be printed. They are designed for online viewing only.