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Parenting Teenagers

CA$2.75 CA$5.50


Parenting Teenagers: Single

CA$2.75 CA$5.50

Parenting Teenagers: Pack (30)

CA$77.50 CA$155.00

Parenting Teenagers: Jumbo Pack (75)

CA$165.01 CA$330.02

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A parent’s role changes when their children become teenagers.

Learn communication and discipline strategies, and gain perspective on teens’ needs and growth so you can be confident in your new role. Each set includes six titles: 

  • Your New Role (brochure)
  • Communication (brochure)
  • The Homefront (brochure)
  • Disciplne that Teaches (brochure)
  • Keeping them Safe (brochure)
  • Teen Suicide: What Parents Need to Know (brochure)