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Parenting Infants

CA$3.00 CA$6.00


Parenting Infants: Single

CA$3.00 CA$6.00

Parenting Infants: Pack (30)

CA$84.50 CA$169.00

Parenting Infants: Jumbo Pack (75)

CA$180.00 CA$360.00

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For every new parent wondering what to expect.

Get tips on adjusting to parenthood and navigating the changes in your relationship. Learn about the benefits of play, how to create bedtime routines and more. Each package includes eight titles:

  • Becoming a Parent (brochure)
  • Rookie Moms: 10 things every dad should know (brochure)
  • Rookie Dads: 10 things every mom should know (brochure)
  • Play and Your Baby: Birth to Six Months (brochure)
  • Time for Bed (brochure)
  • The Milestones (brochure)
  • Time out for Parents (brochure)
  • Returning to Work as a New Parent (brochure)