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Mum and Dad are Separating


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A Practical Resource for Separating Families and Family Therapy Professionals

This is a comprehensive and practical resource to help both children and adults deal with the difficulty of family separation. It offers an invaluable programme that provides a wealth of information about grief and the changes that many families encounter during family separation, both externally e.g. moving house, the practicalities of access visits, and internally (the 'grief cycle').

It is comprised of three elements: 80-page Guidebook for Adults; for parents and relatives of separating families; and for therapists. This addresses grief both in adults and in children at different developmental ages and offers strategies for supporting a grieving child through family breakdown, explaining separation to children and building resilience and healthy family relationships post-separation. 24-page Storybook for Children - to help younger children understand separation, grief and the changes that occur during family breakdown. CD-Rom Workbook for Children - printable, practical exercises to help children process their thoughts and feelings about and reactions to separation. 

By Marina Tsioumanis