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Leaving an Abusive Relationship: Help For You and Your Children: Arabic



Leaving an Abusive Relationship: Arabic Single


Leaving an Abusive Relationship: Arabic: PDF


Leaving an Abusive Relationship: Arabic Pack (30)


Leaving an Abusive Relationship: Arabic Jumbo Pack (75


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Leaving an abusive relationship is a difficult and courageous choice.  

To help you through this process, this brochure outlines some of the feelings you and your children may experience, things you can do to help yourself, and where to turn for support.
You'll find:

  • Understanding your feelings -- from grief to euphoria
  • Self-help and reaching out
  • Helping your kids -- dealing with their feelings, behaviour, and experiences
  • Forming new relationships
  • Practical suggestions to support women in regaining control of their lives and parenting effectively.

Ideal for victim support and other crisis services programs.

Please note that PDF copies are not able to be printed. They are designed for online viewing only.