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Intergenerational Curriculum Development: February, 2024


Thursday, February 29, 2024 - Thursday, February 29, 2024

9 AM - 12 PM

Online via Zoom  

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Registration for this training has closed. Please email us to be added to the waitling list. 

Explore best practices, tools and techniques to create meaningful and impactful interactions between youth and seniors. You will gain learning and engage in hands-on activities to create a curriculum for your own IG program. You will also receive a collection of activities for your own use.


  • To present best practices of IG programming 
  • To help participants achieve the outcomes of their IG program
  • To teach participants to:
    • Assess the abilities of youth and seniors in their IG programs
    • Develop curriculum based on the facility, space and amenities
    • To train participants how to choose types of activities
    • To provide time and coaching for participants to complete their customized activity plans, including themes and session activities
    • To explain how to debrief at the end of the sessions in order to reinforce the desired outcomes


  • Learn Best Practices for IG programs
  • Achieve goals and outcomes for your programs
  • Consider key elements 
  • Create a theme for the program
  • Develop appropriate activities
  • Design an activity plan 
  • Debrief with program participants


  • Template for activity schedule
  • A collection of sample activities

About the Facilitator

Betty Good has over 30 years experience as an educator and consultant both in Canada and internationally. This wealth of experience has prepared her to work well with both youth and seniors. For more than seven years, Betty managed programs and facilitated trainings with LINKages Society of Alberta, and she has also trained others how to start their own. Her many intergenerational friendships have shown her the benefits to both seniors and youth of having friendships with people from other generations.


The price of this training is per person. 

This training will be taking place online via Zoom. Registered participants will be emailed a meeting link. 

This training is not guaranteed to run. We need a minimum number of people in order to run it.