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Guide for Busy Parents



Guide for Busy Parents: Single


Guide for Busy Parents: Pack (30)


Guide for Busy Parents: Jumbo Pack (75)


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Encouraging parents to be the best they can be.

Quick to read and easy to use -- this set offers busy parents tips they can grab and go! Titles in the set:

  • Get Involved in Your Kid's School
  • Routines and Rituals
  • Helping Kids Deal with Grief
  • Parent Education Improves Child Raising
  • What's the Magic Word?
  • Letting Go
  • But Why Can't I Get Them To Take Out the Garbage?
  • What Are Friends For?
  • The Parenting Plan

Multi-coloured, double-sided cards.  Each approx. 8 1/2" X 3".

*set of 9 cards*