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Enhancing Your Father’s Involvement Group: April 2023


Thursday, April 20, 2023 - Thursday, April 20, 2023

9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Strive Living Society ,
#500 - 4370 Dominion St ,
IN-PERSON Burnaby  

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Do you have a father involvement program up and running, but are looking to increase engagement and offerings?

With the ever changing rise in the single father family as a leading demographic for families in Canada, organizations need to think about how they can best support the dads they work with, once they have decided to enter our doors. 

How and why do dads make first contact? How do they get connected in a group setting, and most importantly, what makes them come back? 

The presence of an overwhelming number of moms in almost every parenting group would suggest that many fathers are not interested in parenting their kids. Through our collective involvement with dads in a variety of supportive situations over the years, we have found this to be anything but the case. Given an opportunity to grow in a supportive culture, we have witnessed substantial growth in parenting engagement and confidence, and in their general relationship skills with both their children, and with the mothers of their kids.

Please join us for a day of exploring strategies that can work to create and sustain the father involvement component in your organization. Hear from other practitioners doing the work and engage with training staff about challenges you may be experiencing.

The training will center around best practices, options available for client support, and engaging community partners to create sustainable programming.


This workshop is taking place IN-PERSON at Strive Living at #500 - 4370 Dominion St in Burnaby 

About the facilitators 

Jordan Platana joined Archway’s Abby Dads program in 2016, following a number of years pursuing post-secondary studies and working in the addictions and rehabilitation field. Having overcome a life of shame, self-abuse, addiction, and depression, Jordan understands the value in healthy community and proper mental and emotional support. Jordan’s passion is fueled largely by the change that came about in his own life after other people took the time to listen and offer support when he needed it most. Jordan lives in the Fraser Valley with his wife, his two sons ages six and seven, and the family dog, Pretzel.

Reg Unrau began working at Abby Dads in 2011, and took over supervisor duties in 2016. He was previously working to support adults and youth dealing with housing, mental health and addictions issues. He presently works with a staff of 4, community partners, and volunteers, to support and facilitate programming mirrored in both English and Punjabi.  Reg is the father of two grown kids, and lives in Abbotsford.


This workshop is not guaranteed to run. We need a minimum number of participants.