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Child Development Series



Child Development Series: PDF


Child Development Series: Single


Child Development Series: Pack (30)


Child Development Series: Jumbo Pack (75)


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Great advice and ideas for parents with young children!

This comprehensive set of parenting pamphlets includes each of the 14 titles in the Child Development series. Topics range from child behaviour to parental relationships. An essential part of every parent’s toolkit!

Titles in the set:

  1. Becoming a Parent 
  2. Becoming a Father
  3. Play and Your Baby: Birth to Six Months
  4. Play and Your Toddler: Six Months to Three Years
  5. The Milestones 
  6. Time for Bed
  7. Your Child's Feelings 
  8. Toilet Training
  9. Bringing Home the Second Baby
  10. Sibling Rivalry
  11. Anger and Aggression: Teaching Self-Control
  12. Teaching Self-Discipline 
  13. Returning to Work as a New Parent
  14. Time Out for Parents

*set of 14 titles*

Please note that PDF copies are not able to be printed. They are designed for online viewing only.