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Building Your Stepfamily - A Blueprint for Success

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Building Your Stepfamily: Single

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Building Your Stepfamily: Pack (30)

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Building Your Stepfamily: Jumbo Pack (75)

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Stepfamilies are like all other families: they take time and effort. 

Since stepfamilies are complex, building a successful stepfamily means re-thinking some of our ideas about families. This practical guide explains the dynamics of building a stepfamily and offers real-world ideas and suggestions for combining households. Written by well known stepfamily counsellor and researcher Susan Gamache, Ph.D., this easy to read booklet has been enthusiastically received by stepfamilies. 

40 pages

Building Your Stepfamily has recently been redesigned. This original version of the publication will be available for 50% off while supplies last. Order copies of the new version.