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Becoming a Father: Farsi



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Becoming a Father: Farsi Single


Becoming a Father: Farsi Pack (30)


Becoming a Father: Farsi Jumbo Pack (75)


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First time dads have plenty of questions about what to expect as a new parent, about how their relationship may change, and about how to be a good dad. 

 This informative, easy-to-read pamphlet lets new dads know:

  • The basics of parenting and child care
  • How to be an involved parent
  • Benefits for fathers, partners and babies of having an active father
  • Bonding with the baby
  • What to do when a baby cries
  • Making decisions together as a couple

One of 14 pamphlets in the Child Development Series. Great advice and ideas for parents with young children!

Please note that PDF copies are not able to be printed. They are designed for online viewing only.