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Parenting Through Separation and Divorce



Parenting Through Separation and Divorce: PDF


Parenting Through Separation and Divorce: Single


Parenting Through Separation and Divorce: Pack (30)


Parenting Through Separation and Divorce: Jumbo Pack (75)


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Separation and divorce aren’t easy – for anyone.

Parents often worry that their children will be emotionally harmed during a separation, but children are resilient and highly adaptable. If they have positive experiences to counter the difficult ones, they can develop resiliency, which can help them cope. There are ways to make a separation less traumatic and help your children, and yourself, cope with the transitions and changes in your family life. 

Full of practical advice and useful strategies, this newly revised booklet is your essential guide to:

  • Finding support and taking care of yourself
  • What kids need from parents
  • Managing your relationship with your former partner
  • Helping kids make the transition between houses

Please note that PDF copies are not able to be printed. They are designed for online viewing only.