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Foundations for the Future - For Families Facing Serious Parenting Challenges


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This self-directed educational program is designed for parents of children aged birth to 18 who could benefit from learning basic parenting skills.

The program specifically targets parents who are at risk or who are involved in the child welfare or court systems in some way. The program’s primary goal is to minimize the risk of child maltreatment while optimizing healthy child development outcomes.

After completing the program, participants will have more:  

  • Effective and frequent communication with their children about emotions.
  • Positive interaction skills with their children and more positive stress-management techniques with self and children.
  • Developmentally appropriate expectations and interactions with their children.
  • Consistency when interacting with and responding to their children.
  • Positive and effective discipline methods with their children.
  • Greater self-confidence and satisfaction with parenting.

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